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Best in Its Class for Comfort and Energy Savings

Foam insulation is quickly becoming a favorite insulation choice for homeowners, builders, and architects. When compared to traditional insulation choices, you’ll find foam has a higher insulating value due to its air sealing quality and vapor retarding capabilities. Additionally, because of its ability to tightly fill gaps and voids, this type of insulation can significantly reduce household sounds including those coming from ventilation systems and plumbing fixtures. Finally, as well as increasing comfort and offering energy savings, foam insulation is a good moisture control agent.

spray foam insulation

The Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam

  • Lower Heating Bills
  • Reduces Noise Penetration From Outside
  • No Emissions or Odors
  • Seals All Cracks and Crevices
  • Eliminates Condensation, Wet Insulation and Damage From Wood Rot
  • Does Not Settle
  • Increases Living Comfort
  • Enables Easier Control of Humidity, Dust and Temperature

Experience You Can Rely On

For your safety, the Blow-in-Blanket System is naturally nonflammable. It does not support the growth of mold and contains no formaldehyde. If you are interested in BIBS, check out our Blow-In-Blanket System Hybrid Performance.

Call Comfort Pro Insulators Inc at 920-865-6000 to get your own home set up with the BIBS system.


Spraying Sealcoat of Polyurethane Foam


Sealcoat of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam


Sillbox / Band Joists - Approximately 3 Inches of Sprayed Foam